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Slate Roofing

Slate is a traditional material that has stood the test of time. Used in both heritage and contemporary designs, well installed slate roofing can complement the grandest of buildings. Many buildings of historical value in Australia have been roofed in slate. Combined Roofing proudly installs Welsh slate in Australia & offers guarantees up to 100 years.

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing and cladding, like lead sheets, are one of the oldest forms of roofing material yet have become popular in recent years and is being used in many contemporary building designs.
Copper is commonly also installed in heritage situations alongside slate and lead roofing as it has a similar lifespan and compliments the appearance.
Copper rainwater goods are extremely durable and will not rust over time. They are often used alongside slate as both materials remain functional for many years and add a rustic appeal to Heritage, Commercial and even Residential properties.

Zinc / Aluminium Roofing

Zinc and aluminium roofing and cladding have become popular in recent years being used in many contemporary building designs. Zinc is weatherproof, corrosion resistant and is not degraded by Ultra Violet light from the sun. Its durability and long lifespan make it a popular product in the Australian climate.
Aluminium roofing and cladding is a highly durable product and designed with excellent colour retention, it is available in an extension range of colours. Its affordability makes it a popular choice amongst residential as well as commercial properties.

Lead Roofing

Lead sheet, one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials, has been known to last for over two hundred years. Lead roofing is commonly applied in heritage works to replace existing roof, capping and flashing.

Steel/Colorbond Roofing

Steel roofing and cladding, like aluminium, is also a highly durable product and designed with excellent colour retention it holds paint well. It is available in an extensive range of colours and profiles.
Its affordability makes it a popular choice amongst residential as well as commercial properties.

Tile Roofing

Combined Roofing Australia use a number of quality Australian and International roof tiles that are available on the market to best suit the project and ensure a perfect roof for any situation.
We offer a full range of re-roofing solutions for all roof types.
We ensure that you get the right result with minimal disruptions.


Combined Roofing Australia is now the national suppliers of Tractile™. Tractile™ is solar integrated roofing system made from composite materials, withstands extreme weather and generates solar electricity and solar heated hot water.
Tractile™ is a product like no other and is set to revolutionise the roofing industry.

Commercial Roofing

Combined Roofing Australia provides commercial roofing to Sydney and all over Australia. At Combined Roofing we recognise the special requirement that commercial roofing requires over standard roofing projects, with larger roofs and specific time restraints applying to almost every project. Your building is the home for your commerce, it is crucial that your roof is effective and safely installed to protect your staff and visitors from the elements. Whether it be the installation of brand new roofing for your commercial premises or repairing existing roofing, Combined Roofing is well equipped to deal with the large scale project you envision at a reasonable price.