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Heritage Roofing

Lead Roofing Services

Lead Heritage Roofing

Lead sheet, one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials, has been known to last for over two hundred years. Lead roofing is commonly applied in heritage roofing situations to replace existing roofs, cappings and flashings.

At Combined Roofing we can supply a full range of lead heritage roofing installations including:

  • Flashings to abutments on flat and pitched roofs
  • Weatherings to ledges and cornices
  • Linings to parapet and valley gutters
  • Coverings to flat and pitched roofs
  • Vertical cladding
  • Cappings to parapet walls
  • Cladding to dormer windows

Our experience in lead roofing for heritage buildings in Sydney and across Australia means that we can take care of all the appropriate considerations for your project such as:

  • Physical and mechanical properties of lead sheet
  • Contact with other materials
  • Bossing and welding methods
  • Jointing methods
  • Material dimensions
  • Support and fixing methods
  • Prevention of corrosion

Heritage Roofing
Heritage Roofing
Heritage Roofing
Heritage Roofing