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Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing in Sydney

Combined Roofing Australia provides commercial roofing to Sydney and all over Australia. At Combined Roofing we recognise the special requirement that commercial roofing requires over standard roofing projects, with larger roofs and specific time restraints applying to almost every project. Our Combined Roofing commercial roofing contractors understands that your building is the home for your commerce. For any business it is crucial that your roof is effective and safely installed to protect your staff and visitors from the elements. Whether it be the installation of brand new roofing for your commercial premises or repairing existing roofing, Combined Roofing is well equipped to deal with the large scale project you envision at an affordable price.

Where are your commercial roofing contractors based?

Based in Sydney with an Australia wide reach, Combined Roofing has worked on various large scale commercial projects, including work on St Mary’s Cathedral, Macquarie University and the Princess Theatre. Able to work with multiple materials, including delicate slate roofing, at Combined Roofing we have experts with extensive experience in whatever material your commercial roofing project requires. Contact Combined Roofing today for a quote.


What commercial roofing services do you offer?

We perform Commercial work including


Commercial Roofing Sydney
Commercial Roofing Sydney

Do your commercial roofers specialise in heritage properties? 

With a specialised heritage division, Combined Roofing Australia can do what other roofing companies deem too delicate or outside their scope. With many commercial buildings in Sydney and around Australia having heritage roofing, you require a team of roofers with experience. At Combined Roofing Australia, restoring and working with heritage roofing for commercial buildings is our passion, bringing heritage roofs to modern roofing standards while maintaining the timeless aesthetic of your commercial building. Whether lead, copper or slate heritage roofing, Combined Roofing Australia can help reconstruct your buildings roof to the standard it was when new.

Check out our award-winning commercial roofing company:

Combined Roofing’s list of completed projects is expansive, award winning, and their quality unparalleled. If you require commercial roofing in Sydney or wider Australia, contact Combined Roofing and start your commercial roofing project today.  

Commercial Roofing Condition Reports with Combined Asset Management 

At Combined Roofing, we know that keeping your commercial roof in the best condition is vital. You can now access comprehensive roof assessments for your commercial roof with Combined Asset Management. 

Our commercial roofing report services help ensure your roof is in the best shape possible. We provide detailed assessments on the overall condition of your commercial or industrial roof to make sure everything is accurately documented including any issues like leaks, damage or wear and tear. 

We handle roof reports and inspections for commercial or industrial properties and our Combined Asset Management team is dedicated to providing you with detailed and reliable roof reports and assessments. 

Make sure your commercial or industrial roof is built to last with the help of our team at Combined Asset Management.