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Tile Roofing

Rose Bay Strata Block

When choosing what type of material to replace or install on your property, roof tiles can be expected to perform satisfactorily for a period of 50 years or more. Combined Roofing Australia use and recommend Boral, Monier & Bristile roof tiles for all our tile roofing works. These reputable roof tile companies manufacture to strict specifications to withstand the normal stresses in roofing applications, as well as the Australian climate. The quality and range of products ensures a perfect roof for any situation.

Concrete tiles are fixed to the roof in a “semi-green” state for ease of cutting and securing the roof tiles. Over time the concrete tile cures and the strength increases dramatically.

Terracotta tiles have a high early strength and maintain that strength over the life of the tile.

Dover Heights Strata Block
Woollahra Strata Block

Our roofing specialists are happy to advise on the suitability of the right product for any re-roofing project, whether it be heritage, residential or commercial property.